So here’s the thing:

I love to read. I would read 500 books a year if I could. And I also like to jot down my thoughts about the books I’ve read, which is why a book blog makes sense for me.
A lot of the books (but certainly not all) I read are ones that I receive from publishers for review purposes through  like NetGalley, Edelweiss or Booksneeze. Sometimes publishers or authors send me copies of their books directly. Other than the free copy of the book (print or digital) I am not compensated in any way for writing reviews, and I’m not expected to write a favourable review if I don’t like the book. Actually, maybe some of those authors and publishers do expect that a little, but too bad. All of my reviews are 100% honest and my own opinions, good or bad.
I typically post my reviews on this blog, plus my secondary blog, “The Bookish Elf” (if it’s a book aimed at children, families or educators), Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to posting reviews on all of those other sites, so my main focus is on this blog.
Whenever I post a review for a book I have received for free, I always include a disclaimer at the bottom, explaining how I got it. In the United States, the FTC ruled that bloggers are required to disclose any compensation they receive (you can read about the ruling here) and even though I’m in Canada, it’s always good to be safe.
Although I may consider advertising revenue streams for my blog in the future, I will always be extremely upfront about it (“sponsored post”…that sort of thing) and I will never accept money in exchange for writing a good review. There are sites out there that do that and I’m sure they’re very profitable, but personally I find it icky.
I also will not review or promote a book I have not read. That includes giveaways and contests. On my other blog, The Bookish Elf, I have a “You May Also Like” section after most reviews, and I haven’t necessarily read all of the books in that section, but any book that I’ve reviewed is one that I’ve personally read.
In short, if you read a review on this site, the book was read by me, reviewed by me, and the review reflects how I personally feel about the book.
So that’s it. Every review you read on this site was written by me (unless otherwise stated…occasionally my daughter shares her opinions about children’s books, which I then include in the review…and sometimes her dad helps me review educational resources since he’s a teacher, but I always mention it in the review) and expresses my own personal opinions, even if I received a free copy of the book.